Dr. Armstrong’s Philosophy

PsyDocs represents the hours and hours of effort to streamline the work of a complex psychology evaluation. While performing complex psychological Qualified Medical Evaluations she designed a set of templates to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s history was explored. The evaluation process must be comprehensive, and there are nuggets of gold in the details. The report must then be written in a useful but not redundant format. These templates are now available for purchase. PsyDocs permit the clinician to capture and explore all data, determine what’s relevant and order the data in a systematic, clear and cogent way. PsyDocs are Psychology documents for Psychology (or psychiatry) doctors.

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Mentoring New QME Doctors

Instead of giving away a percentage of your profits to a company, learn from an expert and manage your own QME practice at a fraction of the cost. Bring your questions about any aspect of the work and discuss cases with Dr. Armstrong and other QME doctors.

  • Ongoing consultation group for new QME doctors.
  • Meets once a month for one hour.
  • Online live webinar only, 4 month commitment.
  • For more information, contact Dr. Armstrong.

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Education and Training

Continuing education is offered on a regular basis. Dr. Armstrong uses a seminar style format, designed to understand the case conceptualization from start to finish. These seminars are like no other offering for Qualified Medical Evaluator Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Seminars are held in Los Angeles, with remote participation available live via videoconferencing from all over California. QME and CA Psychologist, and Registered Nurse Continuing education credits are available. If you have a topic that you would like developed in to a continuing education presentation, please contact Dr. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong is also available for public speaking on a wide variety of topics related to psychology, human behavior and health care.

Private consultation is available on an individual basis.

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To write prescriptions is easy, to understand people is much more difficult.

                  — Franz Kafka, The Country Doctor