Media/Technical Advisor

Media/Technical Advisor

Dr. Armstrong is available as a psychology expert or technical advisor for TV/Movies and print media. Topics include psychology issues, unexplained, criminal or unusual behavior, and other social phenomena. For technical advisement additional topics include psychology, behavior of psychologists, psychiatrists and nurses, and psychiatric hospital procedures and portrayal.

Dr. Armstrong is a regular guest on Investigation Discovery Channel’s Wicked Attraction, where she offers an understanding of the psychological motivation and underpinnings of criminal behavior, and makes connections between the criminal and the victim. She has been a guest on radio on The Peter Tilden Show and The Larry Elder Show, and commented in numerous publications, to offer insight into contemporary news events with a psychological twist.

A sample of her work on Wicked Attraction can be seen here.

Episode: Wicked Attractions: Golden Buddha

Episode: Wicked Attractions: Bad Fortune

Episode: The Golden Years

Episode: Wicked Attractions

Dr. Armstrong is a dynamic and engaging presenter available for speaking engagements. Recent audiences have included law firms and insurance adjusters. She is available for national and international consultations or as a Registered Nurse escort for psychiatric repatriation services.