Mentoring of New QME Doctors

Instead of giving away a percentage of your profits to a company, learn from an expert and manage your own QME practice at a fraction of the cost. Bring your questions about any aspect of the work and discuss cases with Dr. Armstrong and other QME doctors. Each group session is less than the cost of a single QME hour, 4 month commitment is required.

  • Ongoing Consultation group for new QME doctors.
  • Meets once a month for one hour.
  • Online live webinar only, 4 month commitment.

To participate in the mentoring group, sign up directly with Dr. Armstrong.  Space is limited.


  • Dr. Armstrong is available for consultation to the Insurance industry about the handling of claims for psychological injury and treatment, and the rating of permanent disability.
  • Dr. Armstrong is a dynamic and engaging presenter available for speaking engagements on a wide variety of topics related to psychology.
  • In addition to her on-camera television work, recent speaking engagements include the California Applicants Attorneys Association, and presentations to law firms and insurance adjusters.
  • Dr. Armstrong is available for national and international consultations regarding independent psychology exams and psychiatric repatriation services.

For more information, please contact us.